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Tarco Properties is a Miami-based real estate development company created in 2001. Their expertise in acquisitions, development, and leasing and property management along with a disciplined investment approach, has brought the company a leadership position in each of the markets where they own and maintain property.

With the explicit goal of bringing a new and innovative property concept to the area, their focused "flex" properties supports a variety of uses and customer base. Since 2001 Tarco has flourished with locations in high population growth markets. The company maintains over 500,000 developed square feet with another 500,000 in line for future growth.

Tarco understands that skilled staffs of real estate professionals and property managers are central to the company's support and growth. Their professional team is empowered to make ownership decisions on a moments notice to maintain a high level of customer service.



Tarco Properties is a company that maintains a "family run attitude" in a corporate environment. With the balance of ethics and business, their dedicated staff understands uncompromising integrity. Tarco Property's goals are excellence in customer service, creating potential employee growth, and caring about the environment and the communities they serve.

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